Are you just beginning in your career or have you been working for decades? Whether you're building a new practice or trying to break bad habits, you can use Forearm Dance ™ Massage techniques to strengthen your foundation.

As professional massage therapists, we know it’s crucial to take care of ourselves in order to perform the highest level of therapeutic bodywork day after day, week after week, and year after year. However, knowing it and doing it are two completely different things!

Indeed, all too often, our commitment to the client experience can be at the expense of our own well-being. With over 75% of experienced practitioners reporting pain and/or musculoskeletal symptoms related to their work, it’s safe to say that many of us struggle to balance the physical demands of our profession with proper self care.

So how do you walk the holistic fine line between maintaining high quality, client centered, therapeutic care while simultaneously creating a bodywork environment that promotes career longevity and injury prevention?

Easily integrated into an array of modalities, the Forearm Dance ™ Technique combines optimal body mechanics with versatile hands saving techniques that use the forearm and Olecranon as primary tools for customised deep and superficial bodywork.

Specifically designed to place less stress on the practitioners body, it’s unique methodology not only provides a greater freedom of
movement which increases strength, stamina and flexibility, but also sees the client benefit from a deeper, more intensive treatment.

So discover the secrets to working smarter not harder. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting out, Forearm Dance ™ is the key to career longevity. Learn how to prevent injury, prolong your career and enhance your treatments.
Increase strength, stamina & prevent injury as a Forearm Dance™ practitioner.

Presenting an in-depth visual guide, the invigorating bestselling, Forearm Dance ™ instructional two part DVD series features detailed demonstrations and explanations of stances, tools, exercises and positions, as well as a Q an A and other bonus footage. Designed for use by both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Forearm Dance ™ Essentials

Forearm Dance ™ Essentials

Forearm Dance ™ Essentials is the perfect introduction to this acclaimed therapeutic bodywork approach. Packed with practical, step by step instruction this DVD establishes the key foundational strokes and concepts that allow you to use the Forearm as a primary tool, while focusing on giving a full body circulatory massage.

Forearm Dance ™ Original

Forearm Dance ™ Original

Building upon the foundations learned in Forearm Dance ™ Original, this DVD expands upon your hand-saving skill set. With an extended focus on deeper, more targeted bodywork, it provides advanced insight that specifically targets and seperates muscles using the Olecranon and advanced body mechanics.