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Forearm Dance™ Original | Val Guin

Forearm Dance “...a proven method of addressing client tightness and pain, while at the same time alleviating the stress that a massage therapist's body can experience from doing multiple sessions in a day”

Karen Menehan, Editor in Chief, MASSAGE Magazine

    Forearm Dance Original DVD

    With easy to access chapters that feature foundation exercises and comprehensive instruction (by individual body region), Forearm Dance Original teaches you how to:

    Forearm Dance Original presents a variety of techniques broken down into 4 easy to access DVD sections:

    Forearm Dance "The Flow"

    Watch Val demonstrate the Forearm Dance Technique while performing a full body choreographed massage combined with the depth and muscular separation found in Deep tissue work using only the forearm and Olceranon as tools. Broken down into the following regions:

  • Back
  • Posterior legs
  • Anterior Legs
  • Abdomen, chest, arms
  • Bonus feature: choose your view-with Val's voice-over or with music

    Instructional Menu

    Val teaches you the techniques needed to utilize your entire body, beginning with your feet and moving through the pelvis. Broken down into the following regions:

  • Introduction
  • Working deeper
  • Back w/ students
  • The back
  • Posterior legs
  • Posterior legs w/students
  • Anterior legs
  • Abdomen, chest, arms
  • Spiral Exercises

  • Val teaches her special exercises that prevent injury and keep your body strong.
  • Special Features:

  • Tools and Positions
  • Glossary of terms
  • Q&A with Val Guin
  • Making of Forearm Dance

    Forearm Dance Original DVD

    The bestselling Forearm Dance DVD series has received critical acclaim for both the leading massage / bodywork press and clients and students alike. Here are just a handful of the praise the DVDs have received:

    Press Reviews

    "Put less strain on your body and work more deeply"

    "On this beautiful DVD filmed by the ocean, she shows you how to use the concepts of yang action, yin support, elongation and self-awareness with a little Hawaiian hula so you put less strain on your body and work more deeply. She offers a class in “forearm dance,” showing step by step how to work both broadly and with specificity, how to “hook and release” a muscle using forearm and olecranon as your tools. She shows two complete sessions, one with explanation and one with music. And she leads a practice she calls “the spiral,” incorporating the horse pose, the lunge and “hula hands,” that raises chi and makes the “forearm dance” as invigorating for the practitioner as it is healing for the client."

    Lisa Mertz, PhD, LMT - Massage Therapy Journal

    "... Forearm Dance is versatile"

    "Forearm Dance is versatile...’Depending on the client’s needs, the practitioner can use the technique in a superficial manner or go deeper if needed. Val’s concept of deep tissue is not to smash the muscle; it’s about working through the muscle and helping it move again ... This form allows you to penetrate in between the muscles in a gentle, yet very effective, way’.”

    David Chelan, Massage Mag

    "... a handsaving technique"

    “Val Guin, CMT, developed FOREARM DANCE to combine efficient body mechanics with the use of the forearm and olecranon as tools. This DVD includes instructions for and demonstrations of this hand-saving technique, and also provides a glossary of terms, energy exercises, and more, for a total run time of more than three hours..”

    Massage & Bodywork Magazine

    Customer Reviews

    “I have both Forearm Dance videos and they totally changed how I do massage. And saved my career! I was in so much pain before, and only working on a few people a week. It's wonderful work, and my clients really love it.”

    Therese Schwartz

    “Every time I see the Forearm Dance video I learn something new. My skills continue to improve, much to the delight of my clients. I feel I am evolving to a more sophisticated and refined level of bodywork.”

    Rick O, Los Angeles

    “I was unable to take a forearm massage class that was held here recently. In order to exchange with another therapist, I needed something to study. This dvd was a good introduction and way to study. Really useful. would like to see more moves in an advanced edition.”


    “Thank you Val! I really feel that I turned a corner in my bodywork. I feel as if something “clicked” and it all has come together gracefully and easily.”

    Emily J, Venice

    “As a massage therapist I found this "dance" both refreshing and extremely hopeful for a longer career without wearing out our precious hands. Just a pity that Val doesn't run any training courses here in Europe!”
    Congratulations on a wonderful compilation!"

    Audrey Lynn Suter (Portugal)

    "As a therapist, my body thanks you ! I was amazed at how much energy I had. The energy generating techniques that Val taught us, and the nature of the Forearm Dance itself, is tremendous in allowing a massage therapist to work far beyond the usual limitations."

    Milly J, Long Beach, CA

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