Tools for Touch™ CE Webinar November 19, 2013

Earn 9 CEs by watching the Tools for Touch™ CE Webinar on November 19, 2013. Registration now open.
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About Val Guin

With over 30 years of ongoing therapeutic bodywork experience in holistic health, the scope of Val Guin’s extensive career, as a private practice massage therapist, instructor and as the innovative force behind the revolutionary Forearm Dance™ technique is unquestionable.

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Forearm Dance

Specifically designed to place less stress on the practitioners' body, its unique methodology not only provides a greater freedom of movement which increases strength, stamina and flexibility, but also sees the client benefit from a deeper, more intensive treatment.

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Upcoming Classes

We are pleased to announce that Val will be running a Forearm Dance™ Essentials workshop on January 12, 2013. This class is the perfect introduction to the acclaimed therapeutic bodywork approach and is worth 8 CE hours.

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145 Bay Street, Suite 14, Santa Monica, CA 90405